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The “Ola Case Study” and Startup success criteria

I received some skepticism on my previous article. Let me give you a gist of the article here - The article aimed to answer why would investors fund loss making businesses, how can loss making businesses today become profitable tomorrow and when exactly is your startup declared a failure. I had

Driverless Autonomous Transportation System

Driverless cars have become a reality in the streets of San Fransisco, extensive research has added credibility to driverless cars being viable globally. Recently His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (king of Dubai), announced the Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy - "by 2030, 25% of all trips in Dubai will

Selling less & Winning more

You are standing across the street staring at two restaurants A & B. Restuarant A appears half empty (being quite spacious) and Restaurant B is crowded with people lined up to grab a table. You decide to go for Restaurant A  to simply save time. Now, the next day you